Now that you have awesome professional music tracks to use in your videos, let me ask you….

Does it take you longer than 3 minutes to make a video???



We are very pleased to be able to offer you the


Now you can create unique, professional videos in less than three minutes.

(demonstrations below)

It’s simple point-and-click easy. Seriously…within minutes you will become an expert video maker with SFSVM.


It’s a totally independent, self-contained software that runs on your PC  (sorry, not for mac).


You don’t even need an internet connection, except for uploading your finished videos to YouTube.


You have complete control over the images and slides in your video.


You don’t have to ever appear on camera, or have your voice heard…unless you want to.


A simple point and click, and you’ve inserted the audio track for your video.  Again, you have complete control over which track to use.


If your video runs longer than the music track you choose, once it finishes, the software automatically loops the track…smooth as silk.


You can edit your finished video in just seconds. No having to start all over again if you aren’t happy with the outcome.  SFSVM makes it a breeze, with no time wasted.

You can forget about any monthly fees, membership fees, or bulk fees.


And you can just say “no” to buying expensive software that requires a webmaster to learn how to use.


This piece of software is nothing short of ingenious!

Never has there been a video maker which is SO easy to use.  There is a four minute learning curve to it.


For most, after you have watched the first training video that comes with the SFSVM, in other words, after about the first four minutes, you will be fully able to begin putting together your first video, with spectacular results!


Now that you have the perfect sound tracks for your videos, you’ll no doubt want a way to create high-quality videos to match.  Videos that truly impress, and  convert into sales!


But, if you are like most others, you want something great, at a price that makes your wallet smile 🙂 .  That’s what we have for you!


The video maker is deceptively simple looking. The idea in creating it was to make a video maker that would not take hours or days to learn how to use.


Super Fast Slideshow Video Maker puts out mp4 videos that dazzle.  And it’s so simple to use that a five year old could create impressive videos with it.


Here is a look at how clean and simple the program is:

(NOTE:  You can view it full-screen by clicking the arrows icon on the bottom-right. Exit: click ‘esc’)






Want to see a demo of the finished product?

Here’s a video we made with SFSVM for one of our YouTube channels


With the combination of great music tracks and awesome videos, you will drive more organic traffic to your website or offer.


More traffic,  more sales,  more money!


You could create videos for others and charge money.  If you wanted, you could create a complete video-creation and video-marketing business.


Either way, you are going to love the Super-Fast Slideshow Video Maker when you see how incredibly easy it is to create awesome, professional videos!


Just imagine what you could do…


Right now, for a LIMITED TIME, you can get the worlds easiest, simplest, most awesome video making software for just $21.95


This is not a fake-scarcity tactic.


We bought the rights to sell 100 registered copies of the software from the creator of Tube Raider Slideshow Video Maker, with our brand.


Tube Raider Slideshow Video Maker sold for $37.00 on the Warrior Forum, but it is no longer for sale.


Our supply is running out.  When they’re all gone….they’re  gone for good!


It’s true that we aren’t the only ones who have some left, but ALL the others are charging more than we are.


 In fact, some of them have told us we’re crazy to sell it this cheap!


SFSVM comes with Lifetime Support….free.


SFSVM comes with Lifetime Product Updates….free.


SFSVM also comes with complete training videos (20),  to get you up-and-running in mere minutes, and show you every possible way to use the software to its fullest potential.


What This Software Will Do For You




You will be able to instantly download your software.


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Super Fast Slideshow Video Maker now while you still can!



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