Since our music tracks are all our own original creations, we have full control over the prices and licensing for them, as opposed to our competitors, who sell music from many sources.


That works out to YOUR advantage, and here’s why:


First of all, if you have shopped around for music tracks, you already know that some are obviously better than others.


We know, and have been told many times, that our music tracks are at least as good as anything else out there…so we are comparing music tracks of similar, if not superior quality.


At the time of this writing, nearly all of our music tracks are priced at an average of just $15.95 each, regardless of genre or length, and all come with the same usage license.


This is where the HUGE difference comes into play…


What I’m about to disclose is NOT meant to be a put-down of our competitors…simply a comparison, to make you aware of the GIANT advantage you get by filling your music tracks needs here, on our site.


These are just facts – which you should be made aware of


A couple of our competitors say their tracks start at $1, but they are referring to some 2 to 6 second stings for  one dollar, with certain conditions attached, which I’ll specify in a minute.


The only things they offer at the $5 to $6 range are a few 3 to 6 second stings, and although there are bound to be some situations where they could be used, they aren’t anything special, or unique.


When you start to get into the music tracks that are in any way comparable to what we provide here at Impactrax, the price goes way up…as I’ll show you in a minute.


ALL of our competitors music tracks come with very specific licenses that spell out exactly what you can and can’t do with any music tracks you purchase from them.


Before I show you the pricing and licensing structure our competitors have in place, it’s important that you understand that they all sell their tracks on a ONE-TIME USE basis.


If you want to use a music track you buy from them in more than one project, you will have to pay a substantial amount more, to buy the rights to multiple uses of a track.


Beyond that, the amount you have to pay is tiered, according to the size of the audience that your project will be put in front of!


It’s a BIG mistake for someone to think that if they break those license terms no one will notice, and they won’t get caught, and sued.  Sophisticated software is constantly scanning the internet for that very thing.


Here are the facts, straight from the site of one of the largest and most well-known sources.  


Here we see 4 eye-opening things:


1) The price is higher than many of ours


2) You are restricted to using it in ONE project


3) If your project includes the music on a downloadable or physical product, you are restricted to 10,000 units


4) This ‘Standard‘ license restricts you from using your purchase in any broadcast


Another type of license explained:




So here we see that for the Music Broadcast License,  the price doubles to be able to present your project to up to an audience of 1 million.  Still only ONE project.


Next, the Music Mass Reproduction License:



So, everything stays the same, except that if you pay quadruple the price, you get to remove the downloadable or physical product restriction of only 10,000 copies.


Next, the Music Broadcast License:



Now that the price is eight times the original $18, you are allowed to broadcast to an audience of up to 10 million.


Next, there’s the Music Broadcast & Film License: 



So, if you pay 17 times the original asking price of $18.  they remove the restriction of how many people you can put your product or presentation in front of, in a broadcast or a film.


Here’s a synopsis of it all:




We Get It…


Look, we understand why they do it that way.  If you’re going to be able to make more money with your project/product by using the track you buy from them, they want to make more money too!


It’s logical.  It makes sense.  It’s completely fair.



We don’t do things that way!


  • All of our music tracks are created by professional musicians, so we are comparing music tracks of AT LEAST the same quality

  • All of our music tracks sell for an average price of around $15.95 each.

  • We offer Bundles (packages) of multiple tracks, for stupid-low prices, and many of our packages include Drops and Stings, at no extra cost, not $1 for 3 seconds of sound.


    All of our tracks come with ONE LICENSE:  TOTAL USE




When you buy a music track from us, you are FREE to use it in as many projects as you want.  We aren’t worried that you’ll never return to buy more, because no one wants to use the same music over and over in all their projects.


When you buy a music track from us, you are FREE to use it in a production that will reach an audience of an unlimited number.


If your project or product is downloadable, or on physical media, there is no limit to the number of downloads or physical items that may be shipped.  You are FREE to decide!


You are FREE to feature your product in a music broadcast or  a theatrically released film.


Our music tracks are all royalty-free, and come with Full Use Rights, so after your initial purchase, you will never pay another cent for them!




Simple.  We want to be the go-to website for professional music tracks.


We want to be the ONE website that people think of, when they need  great music tracks.


We want to kick our competitors out of the First-Place spot, and we know there’s only ONE way to do that…


 The way that we would want it, if we were the customer…


By giving you a better product, at unbeatable prices, with terms that allow you to get the most for your hard-earned money!


And we’re counting on good people like you to spread the word.


Now that you know that there’s a music website that puts everything in YOUR favor, why wouldn’t you share it with your friends and business associates, so they can benefit from it too?



Here’s one more thing that you won’t find on those other music tracks websites: the opportunity to acquire Master Resale Rights, and even Private Label Rights to numerous packages we offer, for a very reasonable, nominal one-time fee.




 As we say near the bottom of the Home Page, you’re safe with our music tracks.  We’ve got you covered.  You’ve got enough other stuff to worry about.  Just take care of that stuff and rest easy about the cost of music tracks, and the licensing and usage rights.



Refund Policy



“Great music tracks don’t have to cost a fortune…they just have to sound like they did” TradeMark










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